Friday, April 23, 2010

MacTech 25 Most Influential?

Posted by Hidayat Hidayat at 7:59 AM
Today, I received the most recent issue of MacTech Magazine. The cover story was about The MacTech 25: The 25 Most Influential Rock Stars, MVPSs, Prophets and Pundits of the Apple Technical Community. Curious about who made the list, I flipped to the cover story and started reading through the names.

At the start, the list was pretty much the people I expected, but when I turned the page, there was my name, following Dan Lyons and Brent Simmons, and preceding Leo Laporte and David Pogue. I knew a couple people had voted for me, but I really didn't expect to actually make the list. I'm still a little stunned, to be honest, and flattered. I haven't figured out yet if I'm supposed to be an MVP, "rock star", prophet, or pundit, though, but I'm flattered no matter which it is.

The fact that enough people appreciate my work enough to have voted for me means an awful lot more to me than actually being on the list, so I want to send a very sincere thank you out to the people who voted for me.


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