Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can't Make it to WWDC? Go to NSConference Mini!

Posted by Hidayat Hidayat at 8:37 AM
I really should have mentioned this earlier. The late announcement of WWDC this year made it difficult or impossible for many European developers who normally come to WWDC to make it this year. As a result, Scotty of the Mac Developer Network has decided to hold an "NSConference Mini" in the U.K. the same week as WWDC. It's a one-day conference being held in Birmingham, UK on June 11th (the final day of WWDC).


As you probably know, I will be going to WWDC. But I'm also a big fan of NSConference. If you can't afford to make the hop across the pond or, for any other reason, didn't get a ticket, you should give very serious consideration to buying a ticket to NSConference Mini. I can virtually guarantee that the sessions will be informative and the company will be excellent. Scotty and his crew do a really great job in every way.

It looks like the details are still firming up and attendees will get to vote on which of the proposed sessions will be included, so if you want a say in the agenda, it's better to sign up sooner rather than later.


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