Friday, October 21, 2011

Siri Who Make Jealous

Posted by Hidayat Hidayat at 8:00 PM
Long before Apple introduced the Siri, Google already has the features speech recognition (voice recognition) is embedded in the Android platform. However, this feature is rarely used because it has many weaknesses.

Weak in recognizing spoken words. Limited is also a function that can be done. Conversely, Siri came up with surprises. Because of these features can answer complex questions, almost like a dialogue. Because of that, Apple called Siri as a "personal assistant". Simply say a command or question, then Siri can answer and run it.

"Siri understand your words, see your point, and even interact with you," wrote the Apple site. Media in America who have tried Siri average give a compliment. They called the Siri as a revolutionary feature. Features that make it memorable was when he said it was drunk to Siri. Recognized Brian, Siri does have many limitations.

There are many questions that can not be answered. In fact, create a new contact could not even Siri. "But, what can be done by Siri today was amazing. I like having an assistant that govern my life, "he said. Rich Jaroslovsky from Bloomberg News story, if Siri could not answer, so he was directed to search engines. Interaction favorite is to ask Siri set schedule. Rich never asked Siri arrange a meeting with a friend. But it turns out, on the day of the requested schedule is already full. The journalists also claimed to get various answers to the surprise of Siri. Declare love for Siri will be answered "I hope you do not tell that to any other phone", then "all you need is love and your cell phone,". He can not wait what they can do this voice feature in the future when the ability to constantly refined. According to Joshua, Siri biggest limitation right now is not able to interact with applications from third parties. Regardless, all agree that Siri brings big changes. What is the secret behind the ability of Siri?


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