Monday, December 14, 2009


Posted by Hidayat Hidayat at 6:21 AM
Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days. Once the book was finished, I decided to take a few days mostly away from the computer, which would have been glorious had I not come down with the flu. I'm now mostly recovered, and thought I should announce a few things.

I've had several people ask me when the book would be available, so here is the information I have currently.
  • The eBook should be available tomorrow-ish here
  • The dead-tree version should ship by the end of the year. Orders placed at online booksellers like Amazon should ship out by December 31. The book may not show up on bookstore shelves quite that soon, however, as it takes some time for them to get through the distribution channels.
I'm also announcing my own availability. With the book done, I now have the bandwidth to take on new contract work, for the first time in quite some time. If you're looking for an experienced person to do iPhone development, code or architecture review, or in-house training, drop me an e-mail at my first name, underscore, my last name at mac dot com.


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